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Stretch Mark Reduction in Palos Heights, IL

Many women get stretch marks, which are fine lines across the body due to sudden weight gain, often associated with pregnancy. Over the counter products such as lotions or creams may be helpful, but they often do not deliver great results.

At Nirvana Med Spa and Laser, we offer an advanced treatment using Radio Frequency technology. This technology performed at our spa uses high-energy radio frequency waves to target the affected areas. The heat generated from the device stimulates the production of collagen and helps your skin regenerate. It helps reduce any white or silvery lines, and the treatment minimizes the appearance of the purple or red markings. For some people, the marks become scarcely visible. 

For minimal discomfort and a short application time (half an hour), we can help you with stretch mark reduction in Palos Heights, Oak Lawn and its surroundings areas. Contact us today to learn more

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