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Acne Scar Reduction in Palos Heights

Acne scars can impede in our daily lives, causing us to refrain from participating in social interactions or social gatherings. You can stop worrying about covering them up with our non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment.

As we get older, our skin loses collagen, which determines what type of acne scars you might have. There are two types of scars, which are depressed acne scars and raised acne scars. During a consultation, our experts will determine what type of scarring you have and they will determine what course of treatment will suit your needs.

At Nirvana Med Spa and Laser in Palos Heights, we pride ourselves in offering you top-of-the line radio frequency skin resurfacing technology. It focuses on stimulating your production of collagen and elastin through heating the damaged area. You noticeably get a more radiant skin, even after one treatment.

This treatment is safe and although patients usually feel a slight discomfort, it is not painful. It usually lasts 30 minutes and our team will make sure you are as comfortable as possible. In addition, more than one visit may be required in order to obtain the best results.

Learn more about the procedure and how we can help repair your skin today by giving us a call or visiting our Contact Us page.

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